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Proton X Hookah - Rose Gold

Proton X Hookah - Rose Gold

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  • Color : Rose Gold
  • Height : 17+ inches (from surface)

Scope of Delivery

  • German clay bowl
  • transparent cut glass base
  • glass charcoal plate
  • down stem
  • upper stem
  • silicone pipe
  • slim metal handle 
  • tong
  • diffuser
  • essential grommets/rubbers


  • Stem : metallic fancy stem
  • Base : transparent cut glass pot
  • Bowl : German clay
  • Pipe : silicone
  • Handle : metal
  • Tong : Aluminum (Silver) 


  • Hookah specially designed for X function lovers
  • Designer top with grommet system
  • Back smoke exhales from stem
  • Transparent cut glass base makes it more special
  • Good comfortable fitting with grommets
  • Powerful shisha with premium glass base and huge smoke offering
  • User friendly shisha, very easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Get hassle free experience in outdoor sessions as well
  • Convenient for open party sessions
  • German clay bowl allows you to pack the chillum
  • Dense smoke assured
  • Provides good flavor taste supply
  • Silicone pipe with slim metal handle
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