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Portable Sky Russian Tao with Big Suitcase

Portable Sky Russian Tao with Big Suitcase

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  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Anti-rust
  • Easy to assemble & dissemble
  • High-quality metal stem
  • Premium stainless steel down stem
  • Portable
  • Designer hookah case
  • Produce a smooth and dense smoke flow
  • Strong quality glass base
  • Components: Glass base, Germany made clay chillum, Coal Tray, long metal handle silicone pipe, spring, Metal stem, Stainless steel down stem, shark Tong, Hookah case
  • Quality: Portable Sky Russian Tao Hookah components are made with high-quality metal and stainless steel material. This hookah has the anti-rust property that makes it a long term running hookah.
  • Portable: You can get a high-quality hookah case with this Russian tao so, you can easily take this hookah anywhere and enjoy your smoking session anytime.
  • Dow Stem: Portable Sky Russian Tao Hookah has a metal stem and stainless steel down stem that allows smooth and dense smoke flow during your smoking session.
  • Pipe: You can get a premium long metal handle silicone pipe with this hookah which provides you dense flavorful smoke.
  • Chillum: You can get German clay chillum which allows good heat flow between flavor and charcoal. This chillum didn’t allow the flavor to fall in your shisha base.
  • Dimensions:
    Height without chillum: 24.5 inches
    Height with chillum: 27 inches approx.
    Base Diameter: 6.5 inches
  • Suitcase Dimensions:
    Length: 13 inches
    Width: 9 inches
    Height: 8 inches
    Inside depth: 6 inches
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