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  • Samsari  Vitria Silicone Chillum
  • Xamsari Vitria Silicone Hookah Chillum -
  • Xamsari Vitria Silicone Hookah Chillum -
  • Xamsari Vitria Silicone Hookah Chillum -
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Xamsari Vitria Silicone Hookah Chillum

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Rs. 399.00
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Rs. 699.00
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Rs. 399.00
  • Premium quality Phunnel Chillum 
  • Made with silicone and crystal glass
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • HMD compatible
  • Single phunnel bowl style
  • Removable glass insert
  • Designed to deliver dense smoke
  • Premium food grade silicone chillum
  • Hold 20-25gm of flavor
  • Phunnel: Xamsaris Vitria Silicone chillum has a single phunnel design which don’t let your flavor to fall in shisha base. The single phunnel design allows good smoke flow.
  • Removable glass: This chillum has removable glass that holds flavor in it and prevents the flavor from fall outside the chillum.
  • No residue smell: You can easily wash and clean this chillum and food-grade silicone don’t let previous flavor fragrance to ruin your ongoing shisha session.
  • Capacity: Xamsaris Vitria Silicone chillum can hold up to 20-25gm of flavor.
  • Dimension: Height: 3.75inches

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