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Acrylic Globe (Golu) Hookah with LED Lights

Acrylic Globe (Golu) Hookah with LED Lights

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  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Easy to handle
  • Battery operated LED light
  • Metal stem
  • Stainless steel stem
  • Smoke release pressure nob
  • No residue smell after wash
  • Premium quality Acrylic base
  • Get huge and dense smoke session
  • Order will be processed as per color availability
  • Components: Acrylic base, Stainless steel down stem, Coal Tray, High-grade metal stem, Premium quality white color PVC pipe, Tong

Unique designed Globe Acrylic hookah with LED light is one of the best-selling hookahs in the market which has many qualities to make your hookah session exotic and make you feel out of this world.

  • Base: The base of this hookah is made with high-quality acrylic material in the globe which gives an attractive and unique look.
  • Stem: You can get a heavy metal stem and stainless steel down stem with Globe Acrylic hookah. The stem of this hookah allows a good flow of smoke.
  • PVC Pipe: You can get high-grade PVC pipe with this hookah which allows a smooth flow of flavorful dense smoke. You can easily wash or clean this pipe.
  • Chillum: Alshan Globe Acrylic hookah comes with German clay chillum which allows good heat flow between flavor and charcoal. This chillum is also known for long-lasting flavor burning time.
  • LED Lights: This hookah is also compatible and comes with LED lights which provide an exotic atmosphere during your smoking session. This LED light is battery operated.
  • Dimensions:
    Hookah height: 12 inches
    Pipe Length: 62inches
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