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Acrylic Rocket Hookah

Acrylic Rocket Hookah

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Rocket Hookah is a class hookah with a Rocket-like shape. It's a slim and tall shisha. This designer hookah has many unique qualities.

  • Body: It is having a strong metallic body. Its base comes with an extra protecting metallic cover along with 4 metallic legs stand. The extra protecting stand is one of the best specialties of this hookah.
  • LED & Diffuser: Rocket hookah comes with an adjustable diffuser that prevents the water sound in the hookah session. You will get led light also with this unique shisha.
  • Components: The components available with this hookah are an Acrylic base, 4 Legs Metallic Stands, Metallic Plate, Long Handle Silicone Pipe,  tong, Diffuser, and bowl.
  • Dimensions:-
    Height without Chillum - 24 inches
    Height with Chillum - 26 inches

Features of Rocket Hookah

  • Height: 26 inches with chillum
  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble
  • Easy to Clean
  • Strong Metallic Body
  • High-quality material
  • Generate heavy and dense smoke
  • Unique designer shisha
  • Components: Acrylic base, 4 Legs Metallic Stands, Metallic Plate, Long Handle Silicone Pipe, Diffuser, LED Light, Stylish Tong and bowl
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