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Al Suhana

Alsuhana Polo Magic Coal for Hookah - Pack of 10 Rolls (100pcs)

Alsuhana Polo Magic Coal for Hookah - Pack of 10 Rolls (100pcs)

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  • Round shape magic coal
  • Quick light (even with a matchstick)
  • Generate dense smoke
  • Pack of 10 Rolls (Full Box)
  • Ignites quickly
  • Deposit low ashes
  • Finest experience of burning
  • Lasts till fully burned
  • Each piece of 35mm
  • 1 Roll = 10 discs

Alsuhana is the best-selling quick light polo magic charcoal in India. It comes in a yellow packet.

This premium charcoal is made with natural ingredients which are odorless and harmless.

  • Pack of 10 Rolls: Each box contains 10 rolls of quick light magic charcoals. In one packet you will get 10 discs. It will give you the finest experience of burning.
  • Quality: Alsuhana magic coal is prepared from natural ingredients which contain 0% chemical. The size of each disc is 35mm. It lasts till fully burned.
  • Ignite Quickly: Alsuhana polo magic coal ignite quickly. You can burn it event with a matchstick or a lighter also.
  • Easy to carry: You can easily carry this box anywhere to enjoy outdoor hookah sessions. Best for tour, trips and picnics purposes.
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