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Apollo 16 Hookah with LED Light & Remote

Apollo 16 Hookah with LED Light & Remote

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  • Color : Black

Scope of Delivery

  • silicone bowl and heat management device
  • acrylic base
  • down stem
  • silicone pipe
  • slim metal handle 
  • tong
  • diffuser


  • Base : acrylic base
  • LED Light : acrylic
  • Bowl : silicone
  • HMD : aluminum
  • Pipe : silicone
  • Handle : metal
  • Tong : Aluminum


  • Trending acrylic model in collection
  • Apollo 16 with LED light
  • Portable and very compact in size
  • Back smoke exhales from hole at lower side
  • Good grip with bowl (easy fitting)
  • LED light operates with remote
  • Diffuser enables you to make more clouds
  • Powerful shisha with premium acrylic base
  • User friendly shisha, very easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Super quality hookah belongs from Dimitri series
  • Get hassle free experience in outdoor sessions as well
  • Convenient for open party sessions
  • Silicone bowl allows you to pack the chillum with HMD device
  • Dense smoke offering
  • Provides good flavor taste supply
  • Silicone pipe with slim metal handle


The Apollo 16 hookah has a spherical base that is made of acrylic. The base is clear, so you can see the water level inside.

The base also has a marbled color swirl design. The stem of the hookah is made of metal and is attached to the base. The stem is long and slender, and it connects the base to the bowl.

The bowl of the hookah is made of silicone and is attached to the stem. The bowl is deep and wide, and it can hold a large amount of tobacco. The hose of the hookah is made of silicone and is attached to the stem.

The hose is long and flexible, and it allows you to smoke from the hookah. The Apollo 16 hookah is also available with an LED light.

The LED light can be controlled with a remote control. The light changes color, which adds a fun and festive touch to your hookah sessions.



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