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COCOYAYA Charcoal Heater Coal Burner - 500 Watt

COCOYAYA Charcoal Heater Coal Burner - 500 Watt

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  • Power: 500watt
  • Brand: COCOYAYA
  • Premium coal burner/heater
  • Heat control knob
  • Round coating/coils
  • Multi purpose coal burner
  • 3 pin plug with decent braided wire
  • Side handles for easy hold
  • Heavy material used to make this heater
  • Ignite coconut charcoal quickly
  • At once can ignite 6-9 cubic charcoal

COCOYAYA recently launched its own charcoal heater with 500-watt power. Premium coal burner for coconut cubic charcoals.

  • Qualities: One of the key features of the COCOYAYA coal burner is its round shape and look. The color of this heater is yellow. There is a special heat control knob in it with top quality coating.
  • Portable/Compact Size: Another useful point of this charcoal burner is its portability and compact design. Now you can easily carry it anywhere and enjoy a hookah sojourn.
  • Less Electricity: The power of the COCOYAYA cooking plate is 500 watts. It consumes very less electricity and ignites coconut charcoals very quickly.
  • Multi Purpose: It is a multipurpose shisha accessory. You can use it as a cooking plate as well. At once you can ignite 10-12 coconut cubic charcoals.
  • Wire/Plug: It comes with a braided wire which has a decent length. Two side grip handles also come with it for better holdings. It has a 3-pin plug.
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