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Cocoyaya Magic Coal Box (Pack of 10)

Cocoyaya Magic Coal Box (Pack of 10)

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COCOYAYA is a popular brand for Magic Charcoals (Quick Lighting Coals) for Hookah 

- These charcoals light up very fast and quickly

- Even with the help of a match stick / lighter

- Single Rolls has 10 polo discs inside it.

- Good for outdoor / portable usage

These are popularly know as Quick Lightning charcoal for Hookah as well as Magic Charcoal too. 

What are the features ? 

- You get 10 polo discs in 1 roll
- which means 10 pieces of charcoal in pack
- They can light up with a matchstick as well
- Hookah lovers prefer it for :
   - outdoor use
   - while traveling
   - during a journey
   - rive / camp side trips 
   - or whenever you don't have bandwidth to cook coal properly.

- Ignites instantly 
- Brand : COCOYAYA
- Preferred magic coal 
- You can start burning your flavor anywhere, anytime
- Starts working instantly

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