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Designer Mini Khalil Hookah

Designer Mini Khalil Hookah

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What are its main points?

  • Mini/compact in size
  • Designer Khalil model
  • Strong glass pot
  • Fully metallic upper stem
  • German clay bowl
  • Diffuser for dense smoke
  • Sleek handle black silicone pipe
  • Luxurious look

Why to grab it?

  • Khalil Model: One of the most selling compact Khalil models in India.
  • Base: Premium Khalil glass base which is made up of strong material. The printed base looks amazing.
  • Stem: Upper portion of this compact/mini Khalil hookah is fully metallic and heavy.
  • Diffuser: A good quality diffuser is also attached with its down stem. Now create more dense smoke from this small hookah.
  • Hose: Premium sleek handle black silicone pipe comes with it which makes this model more attractive.
  • Bowl: Traditional German clay bowl comes in the box.
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