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Don Turkish Hookah Bowl / Chillum

Don Turkish Hookah Bowl / Chillum

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  • 100% Original Product
  • Imported shisha accessories
  • Easy to use, clean and carry
  • Made from natural clay with milk firing technology
  • Multi-hole chillum
  • Compatible with all types of hookahs
  • Trending hookah bowl
  • Can hold up to 15 grams flavor

Don Turkish is a special edition hookah bowl that is now updated in our inventory. This shisha chillum is made with a special technology which is given below.

  • Quality: Don Turkish is a high-quality bowl which is made from clay by using the milk firing technique. The milk is used to made this bowl to increase the lifespan of it. It allows a comfortable smoke in each session.
  • Portable/Compatible: The size of Don Turkish bowl is small and portable. You can easily carry it outside also for outdoor smoking sessions. This hookah bowl is compatible with all types of hookahs.
  • Flavor: This hookah bowl can hold up to 15-20gram flavor at once. The life of your flavor is higher in this chillum as compared to other bowls.
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