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Dum Hookah - Portable Model

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Rs. 2,499.00
Regular price
Rs. 4,999.00
Sale price
Rs. 2,499.00

What are its key highlights?

  • Brand: Dum
  • Compact size model
  • Good quality glass pot
  • Fancy upper portion/stem
  • Designer bowl/chillum
  • Down stem with diffuser
  • PVC hose with Dum metal handle
  • Portable model

Why to get it?

  • Dum: It is a popular foreign brand which is growing in India as well. Its products are highly demanding.
  • Base: A compact and tiny transparent glass base come in this model which makes it more attractive.
  • Stem: The upper portion of Dum hookah is looked fancy. It is fully made of metallic material.
  • Diffuser: Dum hookah comes with a pre-fitted metallic diffuser which enables you to produce more smoke.
  • Bowl: Printed bowl comes with this model which makes it more elegant.
  • Hose: A PVC hose is available in the box. You will get a metallic Dum handle with the pipe.
  • Price: Perfect branded hookah in this price range.

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