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Extreme Gold Line Mix Fruit Hookah Flavor - 100g Box

Extreme Gold Line Mix Fruit Hookah Flavor - 100g Box

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  • Brand : Extreme
  • Packing : 100gm airtight box
  • Flavor : Mix Fruit
  • 4 small mouth tips free inside the box
  • Double layer packing inside the box
  • Approx. running time is more than 1 hour (depends on how many people enjoying the session)
  • Contains 0.5% nicotine only
  • Not for sale to minors

More Information:-

Extreme Hookah Flavor, where every puff is an adventure in taste and longevity.

Encased within a 100g airtight box, this trending shisha molasses promises an experience like no other. 

Unveiling a meticulously curated blend, Extreme Hookah Flavor tantalizes the senses with its exquisite taste profile.

With just 0.5% nicotine content, it offers a smooth and satisfying smoke without overwhelming the palate.

Each box comes adorned with four small disposable hookah mouth tips, providing a hygienic and convenient option for sharing the pleasure of the hookah experience.

But the excellence of Extreme Hookah Flavor doesn't end there. Delving deeper, you'll discover its double layer of inner packing, meticulously designed to preserve freshness and aroma until the very last puff.

This innovative packaging ensures that every bowl packed with Extreme Hookah Flavor is infused with the same intense taste and aroma as the first.

With a durability and flavor that extends beyond the hour mark, it adapts seamlessly to the rhythm of your gathering, whether shared among friends or savored in solitude.

And with each 100g box yielding up to 7-8 hookah bowls (depending on bowl size), the journey of exploration and enjoyment continues long after the first bowl is packed.

Must try these tastes by Extreme.

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