Extreme Hookah Coconut Coal - 500g (48 Pcs.)

Extreme Hookah Coconut Coal - 500g (48 Pcs.)

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  • Brand : Extreme
  • Weight : 500g
  • Pieces : 48 blocks
  • 100% original and natural product
  • Briquette coconut coal
  • Small in size but powerful
  • Indonesian coal
  • Long lasting coal
  • Easy to fit in any heat management device
  • No trees were cut to make this product
  • Low ash content
  • Does not break while burning


Instructions for Use:-

  • Never combine petroleum products with heat which will affect the taste and color.
  • Using petroleum products to light charcoal is not recommended as it can cause a  fire and health hazard.
  • Never leave burning charcoal unattended with children around it.
  • Never burn charcoal inside a closed or inadequately ventilated space.
  • Never use this product while wearing loose clothing which could catch on fire resulting in injury.
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