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Oduman Ignis Revo HMD

Oduman Ignis Revo HMD

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Why to get it?

  • Portability: Oduman Ignis Revo heat management system is a portable device which is easy to use and carry anywhere.
  • Alternative: It is the perfect alternative to aluminum foil paper.
  • Heat Distribution: This device offers a good amount of heat distribution to flavor and captures all chemicals & ash particles.
  • Benefit: Now you can manage and control how much heat is applied to the flavours by opening or closing the valve.
  • Smoke: Oduman Ignis Revo offers a dense and smooth smoke flow which gives you an impressive experience.

What are its key highlights?

  • Produces more clean smoke
  • Capture ash and other gaseous particles
  • Offer good heat distribution
  • Doubles up as a Windover
  • No need for foil
  • Made up of stainless steel material
  • No more mess of flavor or charcoal
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