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Izapo Coconut Coal for Hookah 250g - 18pcs

Izapo Coconut Coal for Hookah 250g - 18pcs

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  • Brand: Izapo
  • Pack : 250g coal
  • Pieces : 18 cubes
  • Premium coconut coal
  • 100% natural charcoal for hookah
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Deposit very less ashes

Safety Instructions:

  • The Izapo coconut coal should be ignited by keeping it upon the burning stove.
  • Don't use petroleum products to light coal as same may result in uneven and spontaneous burning and result in fire & health hazard.
  • Never leave burning coal unattended while children are around.
  • Don't use this product while wearing loose cloths, this may result in such clothes catching fire and causing injury.
  • Never allow burning embers to come in contact with flammable objects, always extinguish the coal completely.
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