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IZAPO Warm Arabic Pipe Tobacco Combo Pack - 6gm (Dubai Dokha)

IZAPO Warm Arabic Pipe Tobacco Combo Pack - 6gm (Dubai Dokha)

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What you will get in this combo pack?

  • A bottle of IZAPO WARM Arabic pipe Tobacco
  • A Wooden Smoking Pipe
  • Bio Pipe Filter

IZAPO WARM Arabic pipe Tobacco is 100% pure, additive free tobacco.

Around for many decades, the "IZAPO WARM" is original tender Arabic Tobacco.

IZAPO WARM Blend Arabic pipe tobacco has been smoked in the Middle East for over 500 years. It is extremely invigorating form of pure Arabic pipe tobacco available in various grades.

A number of herbs, spices, dried flowers and fruit are mixed with the tobacco to better the taste and aroma.

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