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Magix Coconut Coal for Hookah 1kg Pack - 72pcs

Magix Coconut Coal for Hookah 1kg Pack - 72pcs

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  • Brand: Magix
  • Weight : 1 kg coal
  • Pieces : 72pcs
  • Size : 2.5x2.5x2.5cm
  • Made in Indonesia
  • 100% natural coconut coal
  • Totally organic and chemical free
  • Long lasting coconut coal for hookah
  • 3 pieces are enough for 1 long session

How to use it?

  1. Place Magix coco briquettes on a fire starter
  2. Ignite the fire
  3. After 12 minutes turn off fire. Your briquettes are ready!
  4. Remove briquettes as necessary or place new briquettes on top of glowing briquettes for more.

More Details

Magix coconut charcoal is produced from coconut husk. Our product is 100% natural & 100% ecologic.

The rigorous selection of raw material is made to offer to you high quality product. Thus, the MAGIX coconut coal has long duration, do not make sparks, has consistent temperature and high heat to guarantee an ideal hookah session.

Magix coconut coal can also be used to burn incense and resins

  • Environment Friendly : This charcoal is a gift  to nature. No trees were harmed in its making. Its a pure chemical free choice for both consumer and the environment. One sets lasts a full session without hassle.
  • Superior Burning Time : These charcoals outlast others, burning for over 60+ minutes. They are robust, surviving, many drops without a scratch. Smokeless, odorless and spark free. Light them up effortlessly, and enjoy extended burn time.
  • Pure Essence, Less Ash : Crafted from 100% coconut shells, this charcoal is a breadth of fresh air. No unpleasant odours when lighting. It won't compromise your tobacco's true flavour, leaving behind minimal ash.


Keep out of reach of children. Light charcoal in well ventilated area and only place coals on heat resistant surfaces.

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