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Mini Nano Smoke Printed Car Hookah

Mini Nano Smoke Printed Car Hookah

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  • Material: Acrylic
  • Model - Printed edition
  • Easy to carry & use
  • Easy to handle
  • Best for tours & trips
  • Good acrylic material
  • Produce dense smoke
  • LED Light with remote
  • Size: 22cm x 15.5cm x 6cm (8.5’’ x 6" x 2.5’’)Approx.
  • Chillum/Bowl: Silicone
  • Pipe Size: 1.6 Metre, Silicone Pipe
  • Components: Acrylic Base, Metal Tong, Silicone Chillum/Bowl, HMD, 16 LED Lighting System, Virgin Silicone Hose/Pipe
  • Order will be processed as per color availability
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