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MKS Long Russian Design Tao Hookah (34in)

MKS Long Russian Design Tao Hookah (34in)

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What are its main highlights?

  • Height: 88cm
  • Golden long stem
  • German clay bowl included
  • Long and elegant designer stem
  • Lock system
  • Diffuser connected down stem
  • Pressure valve
  • Heavy and wide glass base
  • Silicone hose included

Why to get it?

  • Stem: The main attractive point of MKS hookah is its long elegant stem. Planning for a long hookah? it is best.
  • Base: Wide and heavy transparent glass base which helps you to generate more thick smoke.
  • System: Now there is no need for rubber/grommet. The lock system is available in MKS Hookah which enables you to attach stem and base easily.
  • Bowl: German clay chillum is available with this model.
  • Hose: High quality silicone hose with handle comes with MKS hookah which makes it more designer.
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