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Mya Freeze Pipe with Icicles

Mya Freeze Pipe with Icicles

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  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Easy to handle and carry anywhere
  • No residue smell after wash
  • Handle unscrew to fit frozen icicle
  • Produce dense and frosty smoke
  • No residue smell after wash
  • Freezing time of icicle is approximately 25-30minutes
  • High-quality leather coated hookah pipe


MYA Original Freeze Hookah Hose / Pipe with Icicles is one of the innovative design which comes with icicle which provides you cool and frosty dense flavorful smoke. This pipe has many unique qualities to enlightened your hookah smoking session.

  • Handle: The handle of the MYA Original Freeze hookah pipe is highly customized you can unscrew this handle to fit frozen icicle. It will provide you a frosty dense smoke.
  • Icicle: You can easily freeze your icicle in the freezer. The freezing time of icicle is approximately 25-30minutes and provides you a refreshing smoking session.
  • Portability: This Long Handle Freeze Pipe is very easy to handle and carry anywhere. So you can enjoy your shisha session anywhere with this pipe.
  • No Awful Smell: You can clean or wash this freeze pipe very easily and it didn’t allow previously used flavor fragrance to ruin your ongoing shisha session.


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