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Acrylic O Shape Hookah

Acrylic O Shape Hookah

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  • Height: 16 inches
  • Acrylic made hookah
  • Elegant style
  • Highly demanding model
  • Easy to use, clean and carry
  • Metallic upper stem
  • Comes with Silicone Bowl and (HMS)
  • LED Light with Remote
  • Silicone pipe with long metal handle
  • Economic range/price

O Shape Acrylic LED Hookah is one of the class hookahs at a very affordable price. This hookah is very stylish in looks. Its LED function and transparent body provide the feel of disco effect in the hookah/shisha session.

Base: O Shape hookah base is of a round shape that comes in acrylic material. There is a metallic water container inside it which holds the water.

Metallic Stem: The upper stem of O Shape hookah is made up of fine quality metallic material which allows a good smoke flow.

Silicone Bowl: With this acrylic shisha, you will get a popular silicone bowl. At once this bowl can hold up to 25-30 gram flavor. It allows good smoke flow between flavor and charcoal.

HMD: Another point to note about this hookah is it comes with a highly demanding aluminum-made heat management system. Now you don't need to use foil on your bowl.

Pipe: O Shape hookah comes with a long metallic handle silicone pipe. The approx. pipe's length is around 1.6 meters.

LED: In the box, you will get a LED Light with a remote as well. Now enjoy a hookah session with different lighting effects.


Height: 16 inches

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