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Oduman Carbo-One Hookah Bowl plus Heat Management System

Oduman Carbo-One Hookah Bowl plus Heat Management System

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  • Made in Turkey
  • Easy to handle
  • Need very little charcoal rotation
  • Reduce ash and chemical gases that pass from charcoal
  • Create a nice gap b/w flavor & charcoal
  • Help to produce smooth and dense smoke
  • Long-lasting shisha session
  • Hold 1 coconut charcoal
  • Long lasting flavor burning time approx. 1hr
  • Premium quality high allow and aluminum product

Oduman Carbo-One Hookah Bowl plus HMD is one of the premium hookah products. Carbo-One can hold both flavor and charcoal in it and gives you a long-lasting hookah smoking session.

  • Bowl: The flavor bowl of Carbo-One is made with high-quality aluminum and alloy.
  • Silicone Seal: Temperature-resistant silicone long seal that ensures a secure attachment to hookah.
  • Lid: Unique design lid let oxygen to pass in charcoal and unwanted gasses out from the charcoal.
  • Flavor Sheet: Flavor sheet made of multi-channel 304 quality stainless steel which provides equal heat on flavor
  • Heat Flow: Oduman Carbo-One deliver a good heat flow between charcoal and flavor. This also extends the life of flavor and gives you a long-lasting dense smoking session.

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