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Oduman N5Z Clear Hookah

Oduman N5Z Clear Hookah

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What are its key metrics?

  • 100% Original
  • Imported model by Oduman
  • First class handmade glass
  • Stainless steel body parts
  • Very fine quality diffuser
  • Stand for stability
  • LED light with batteries
  • Premium quality silicone hose

Why to grab this model?

  • Look: One of the main points about this Oduman N5-Z Clear hookah is its totally different look.
  • Base: The base of Oduman N5 Clear hookah is totally handmade glass.
  • Components: All body parts of N5 Clear hookah are made up of totally stainless steel material.
  • Diffuser: For dense smoke, it has a diffuser which creates more tiny bubbles and cloudy smoke..
  • LED Light: To make it more attractive a multicolor power LED light (with 16 operations) is given with it.
  • Hose: Fine quality silicone hose is available in the box.
  • Worth: Under Rs 20,000, this decorative model is worth it.
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