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Oduman N9 Tarantula Hookah

Oduman N9 Tarantula Hookah

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  • Made in Turkey
  • No residue smell after wash
  • Strong handmade glass base
  • Unique design
  • Premium stainless steel parts
  • Diffuser fitted down stem
  • Produce huge and dense smoke
  • 100% original and genuine product
  • Components: Glass base, Stainless steel stem with diffuser, coal plate, high food grade silicone hookah pipe

Oduman N9 Tarantula is one of the innovative and premium designer hookah which has all qualities to enhance your hookah smoking session. The spider shape and legs made this hookah attractive and unique.

  • Quality: The parts of Oduman N9 Tarantula are made with stainless steel which increases the life of hookah.
  • Stem: The stem of this hookah is made with very high-quality material and you can also get a diffuser fitted in the down stem which helps to create a smooth smoke flow.
  • Glass Base: Oduman N9 Tarantula base is very solid and handmade which is the most premium thing about this hookah.
  • Pipe: You can get long handle premium food-grade silicone pipe which allows good smoke flow and produce dense smoke.
  • Dimensions:
    Total Length: 24cm
    Pipe length: 1.5m
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