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og Acrylic Tao Hookah with LED Light - X Function

og Acrylic Tao Hookah with LED Light - X Function

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What are its key features?

  • Inbuilt LED RGB Light
  • X function model
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Anti-rust
  • Easy to assemble & dissemble
  • No residue smell after wash
  • Produce a smooth and dense smoke flow
  • Designer acrylic stem and down stem
  • Premium PVC material pipe
  • Components:Acrylic base, Germany made clay chillum, Coal Tray, Premium quality PVC pipe, Acrylic stem and down stem, Tong, led Light

og Acrylic Cut Design Russian Tao Hookah with LED light is one of the unique hookah fully made with acrylic material. This hookah is known for its huge dense smoke and X function technology.

  • Quality:Acrylic Cut Design Russian Tao Hookah components are made with high-quality acrylic material. This hookah has an anti-rust property which makes it a long-term running hookah.
  • X Function Technology: This updated version comes with X function technology.
  • LED Light: Acrylic Cut design Russian tao hookah comes with inbuilt LED light.
  • Stem:Acrylic Cut Design Russian Tao Hookah has an acrylic material stem and down stem which allows smooth and dense smoke flow during your smoking session.
  • PVC Pipe:You can get a premium PVC pipe with this hookah which provides you dense flavorful smoke. You can easily wash or clean this pipe.
  • Chillum:You can get German clay chillum which allows good heat flow between flavor and charcoal. This chillum didn’t allow the flavor to fall in your shisha base.
  • Dimension:
    Height: 19inches
    Base diameter: 7inches
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