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Pack of 4 - Thugs Hookah Coconut Coal 1.1kg - 84pcs (100g FREE)

Pack of 4 - Thugs Hookah Coconut Coal 1.1kg - 84pcs (100g FREE)

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  • Brand: Thugs
  • Quantity : 4 boxes
  • Weight : 1.1 kg coal (1000g as usual and 100g FREE inside the box)
  • Pieces : 84pcs
  • Size : 2.5x2.5x2.5cm
  • 100% natural coconut coal
  • Totally organic and chemical free
  • New long lasting coconut coal for hookah in market with 100g FREE coal
  • 3 pieces are enough for 1 long session more than 50+ minutes

More Details

  • 1.1 kg of premium coconut coal: Get 84 pieces of long-lasting, odorless, and heat-efficient coconut coal to keep your hookah sessions going strong.
  • 100g FREE coal inside the box: That's an extra bonus of 12 pieces of coal, extending your hookah enjoyment even further.
  • Exceptional value: Enjoy an ample supply of high-quality coal at a fantastic price.
  • Premium quality: Experience consistent heat, minimal ash, and a clean aroma for a truly enjoyable hookah experience.
  • Long-lasting performance: Each coal piece burns for approximately 1-1.5 hours, ensuring lasting heat for multiple hookah sessions.
  • Odorless and natural: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and enjoy the pure taste of your hookah flavor.
  • Convenient size: The 1.1 kg pack is easy to store and transport, perfect for home use or bringing along to hookah gatherings.



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