Portable Hookah Pump with LED Light (Smoke Maker)

Portable Hookah Pump with LED Light (Smoke Maker)

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  • Electric hookah smoke maker
  • Type C charging interface
  • Save your breath


  1. Press once to turn on the light, RGB flashes
  2. Press the second time, the light is R and the red is always on
  3. Press three times, the light is G, the green is always on
  4. Press four times, the light is B and the blue is always on
  5. Press five times, the light always off

Charging Port:-

  1. Type-C interface
  2. Please use a charger with an output of 5V/1A
  3. The indicator light is red when charging and green when fully charged
  4. Be sure to charge before the first use, so that the charging indicator is green
  5. When not in use for a long time, take it out and charge it regularly until the indicator light turns green.
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