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Super Saving Combo Pack of 699/-

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Rs. 699.00
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Rs. 1,099.00
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Rs. 699.00

Super Saving Combo

  • Oicy Tong
  • Coal Holder/Tray
  • Base grommet/rubber
  • Pipe grommet/rubber
  • Chillum grommet/rubber
  • Mouth Tip Packet



5 different items milti hai
Super Saver Combo Pack me

- 50 pcs of Mouth Tip pack
- Coal Tray
- Oicy Tong
- Shisha Fork
- Grommets set (pack of 3)

Mouth Tips Pack
- Disposable Mouth Tips
- Total 50 pcs.
- Use & throw purpose
- Jumbo size
- Multi color mouth tips

Coal Tray
- Good shisha utencil
- Helps you to carry hot charcoal pieces
- Metal made
- Makes your shisha experience hassle free
- Optimize charcoal using this

Oicy Tong
- Strong metal tong
- Creates good grip when you pick something
- Good for charcoals, bowls, HMD etc
- Latest design

Shisha Fork
- Multiple use product
- Use it to fill your molasses properly
- Adjust the extra particles
- Make air holes in between

Grommets (Pack of 3)
- 3 different types of gromments
- for your base and stem compatibility (base rubber)
- for your bowl fitting (chillum rubber)
- and for your pipe fitting (pipe rubber)

It's always good to keep extra set of gromments with your self.
You may ask the grommets for according to your hookah model.

All of these things are available in this combo
- Shipping Free
- All India Home Delivery
- Cash on Delivery
- Best Price Assured

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