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WD Hookah

WD A42B 40 - Aluminum Hookah

WD A42B 40 - Aluminum Hookah

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Key Highlights: -

  • Height: 55cm
  • Imported German brand
  • 100% Original product
  • 4 pipe connectivity
  • Crystal glass base (Blue)
  • Aluminum body
  • Closed chamber system
  • Down stem with detachable diffuser
  • Cut hose adapter/head adapter: 18/8 cut
  • Material smoke column: aluminum
  • Food grade quality silicone hose
  • Carbon fiber handle included


Scope of delivery:

  • 1x glass bowl
  • 1x base
  • 1x column of smoke
  • 1x dip tube
  • 4x hose connection
  • 4x hose adapter 18.8mm cut
  • 4x valve ball
  • 1x head connection 18.8 mm cut
  • 1x head adapter


    WD is a German brand which offers high quality V2A stainless steel hookahs all around the world. 100% original WD shishas are now available in India exclusively

    Looking for something imported with superb quality WD is best.

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