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Woody Plush Combo at Rs 6449/-

Woody Plush Combo at Rs 6449/-

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What is Woody Plush Combo?

It is a specially designed combo which helps our premium customers to grab each and every essential hookah product at a very discounted price.

What is the motive of this combo?

The main motive of this combo is to provide all essential products from Hookah to Coal Tray at an effective cost.

What is included in this combo?

In this combo, you will get many products which are explained below one by one with its video.

  1. Woody Plush Hookah

Wooden Stem - It’s a premium model which comes with an elegant wooden coated stem.


Diffuser - Interesting thing about this hookah is its diffuser which helps you to create tinier bubbles and enables you to generate more heavy smoke.


Aluminum Stem – For easy handling, Woody Plush hookah comes with a lock system which is made up of good quality aluminum material.

Its upper coal tray and the back smoke system are also aluminum made.


Heavy Glass Base – One of the key features of Woody Plush shish is its good quality heavy glass base which helps you to produce more efficient and dense clouds.


Silicone Pipe – For smooth and easy smoke flow a food grade quality silicone pipe and a strong metal handle comes with it.


  1. Al Burj Flavors

Another essential product which you get in this combo is a pack of 5 Al Burj flavors named as

  • Al Burj Blue Velvet 50g
  • Al Burj Berry Blast 50g
  • Al Burj Brain Freezer 50g
  • Al Burj Gum Special 50g
  • Al Burj Special 50g

The price of a single Al Fakher flavor is Rs 150/- but you will get 5 included in this price.


  1. Naaz Bowl

Many people looking for premium and fancy bowls for their shishas so we decided to add a ceramic made Naaz bowl with it totally FREE.

  1. HMD Device

Some people used foil paper on their bowls during the session but now you no need to put an extra effort just use this aluminum made heat management device put charcoal in it and start enjoying the session.

  1. Coconut Coal

Another useful product in this combo which you will get is Black Mamba Coconut Charcoal 1 KG Pack (72pcs).

  1. Hot Plate 1000Watts

Now the question is how to burn coconut charcoal. So no need to worry we add Charcoal Burner as well in this combo.

Just put 2-3 coconut charcoal on this hot plate and wait for 10 minutes.

Put that charcoal in your HMD and start creating the rings.

  1. Fork

So now the last and useful handy accessory which you will get in this combo is flavor mixing multipurpose fork.


Now you can check the prices of all these items individually and make a total but we are offering all of these items at just Rs 6500/- only.

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